Frequently asked questions

You will receive your payment through your selected method during the booking process. We offer various payment options like credit or debit cards, online transfers, and digital wallets. Among all these, you can choose at your convenience.

To extend your support, simply contact our customer service team through the provided channels on our website. Our friendly representatives will assist you with this based on your specific needs.

To use the widget in Elementor, simply drag and drop it onto your desired page or section. Customize the widget settings to display the relevant information or functionality based on your requirements.

Go to your Twitter Developer account, create a new app, and obtain the API key, API secret key, access token, and access token secret. Then, enter these credentials in the Xio Trip settings to enable Twitter integration.

To import the Traveler demo, navigate to the Xio Trip theme settings and select the import demo option. Follow the on-screen instructions to import the Traveler demo content, including pages, layouts, and settings, to kickstart your website.

An internal server error is likely a temporary issue. Try clearing your browser cache, reloading the page, or contacting our support team for assistance in resolving the error.

Go to the theme settings or customization options. Look for the "Reset to Default" button or option related to colors, and click it to restore the default color settings.

To increase the PHP time limit, access your website's server configuration files or contact your hosting provider. Look for the PHP configuration settings and adjust the "max_execution_time" parameter to increase the time limit as needed.

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